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Why Become Indipaisa Financial Advisor?

A proven business model

Our Financial Advisor Program is designed to make our advisors succesful and give them support from experts who understand the business.

Training and resources

Advisors have access to a wide range of tools, resources, exclusive materials in addition to professional sales, marketing, and technical training.

High Commission

As an Advisor, you will make a good income with us by earning money from an attractive commission structure.

Partnership Benefits

Be right at the center of a hub of exciting opportunities that will take your business to the next level.

Commission structure advisor
Commission structure

Our compensation model will help you create substantial personal wealth along the way

Your success is our success too. Elevate your business performance and build wealth fast!

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5 years agreements

We're interested in a long-term work alliance, that's why we start our collaboration together with an Initial 5-year an Advisor Program Agreement.

Our 5-year an Advisor Program Agreement will be the first step to what could be your best and longest working relationship.

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10 + Products

Reshape the SME industry with our game-changing banking solutions and promote a wide range of different financial products.

Training and certificate indipaisa advisor
Training and certificate

Get extensive ongoing operational support and professional training to help you excel and reach the unimaginable.

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Become an Advisor today

Your success is our success too, so let's elevate your business performance, build personal wealth fast and help the Indian community.